SomnoGuard Oral Appliance Therapy for Snoring & Mild-Moderate OSA

SomnoGuard Oral Appliances

SomnoGuardSnoring and Sleep Apnea are created by changes in the airway that typically develop over time that restrict the natural flow of air while you breath. This is often caused by the airway being reduced in size or obstructed all together by a narrowing of the airway at the base of the tongue. Oral Appliance Therapy has been recognized as a useful option to maintain an open airway by restricting the rearward collapse of the tongue during sleep by holding, or advancing the lower jaw, in a more forward position. This option has been recognized by the FDA and most insurers to be a safe and effective option for many patients suffering from Mild to Moderate OSA (AHI <30) & Snoring. To qualify for coverage of Oral Appliance Therapy you will need to have a Sleep Study, either at home or in a facility based Lab.

Oral Appliance Therapy also provides one of the most effective and affordable treatments for Snoring.

Oral Appliance Therapy is also a useful adjunct to other therapies/treatments such as CPAP for patients with severe cases of OSA.

We’re pleased to provide the SomnoGuard Oral Appliance as part of our comprehensive sleep practice.

The SomnoGuard utilizes and advanced thermodynamic material to enable a custom fitting to your specific Bite in a single, quick and easy visit to our office. An assessment of your anatomy and particular symptoms and indications may warrant a Sleep Study if one has not been performed already. The SomnoGuard AP is a twopiece, adjustable, Prefabricated Appliance, design to enable the lower jaw to be advanced forward, relative to the upper jaw, bringing the tongue and associated musculature forward, thus opening and stabilizing the upper airway. It also enables you to breathe through the mouth as well as move your Jaw side to side to optimize comfort. It is often considered a covered benefit of many insurance plans for documented Obstructive Sleep Apnea and a readily available and more affordable treatment solution for Snoring than many other alternatives, though insurance will not cover for snoring alone. Please speak to one of our physicians or nurses for more information and to inquire if the SomnoGuard may be right for you.