From allergies to hearing problems to sinus surgery, Ocean ENT is equipped to handle all your needs. To help you understand your options, we’ve included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page.

ENT Services

We provide treatment and management for diseases of the ears nose and throat, and disorders of the head and neck.


The physicians of Ocean ENT Associates perform a variety of surgical procedures in their specialty. They perform surgical procedures at Community Medical Center, Ocean Medical Center, and Bey Lea Ambulatory Surgical Center. Bey Lea Ambulatory Surgical Center (BLASC) is a AAHC accredited and Medicare licensed surgical center which provides and comfortable and professional setting for... Read more »


All aspects of audiological services including hearing tests (Audiogram, Tympanogram), balance tests (Video Electronystigmography), electrocochleography, testing for tinnitus, hearing aids and tinnitus maskers are provided by our hearing health professionals at Ocean ENT Associates. Our Audiology Team Steven Berman, PhD Speech Pathologist/Audiologist Clinic Director   Steven is a graduate of Florida State University and has... Read more »


We at Ocean ENT care for many patients with allergies and allergy related symptoms including chronic sinus disease. Our physicians are well trained in treating allergic symptom otology. If allergy testing and allergy immunotherapy are deemed appropriate, our team will help you consult with a board certified Allergist.